backBN Sponsors NIU Robotics Club

Burgess-Norton is excited to announce its continued sponsorship of the Northern Illinois University Robotics Club, made possible by a generous donation from the AMSTED Foundation. The NIU Robotics Club is a student-run organization dedicated to designing and building task-oriented robots for entry into collegiate competitions. The Club’s goal is to add substantial learning experiences outside of the classroom for its 60 members, as well as the community.

Tim Olson, current NIU Robotics Club President, expressed his thanks to Burgess-Norton for its ongoing sponsorship. “Our team has grown in three years to be the most active and rapidly expanding engineering organization at NIU. We've gone from creating the first successful air-born entry into the nation's oldest robotics competition (JSDC), to entering the only two autonomous robots and three of the five flying entries in the competition's long history. Our members have been able to apply their education in challenging, fun and productive ways. These in-depth applications by our team members give us invaluable insight and experience, keep our creative juices flowing and increase our engineering prowess.”

Burgess-Norton is proud to be a 3rd year sponsor of NIU Robotics, an organization with STEM and education at its core. We have been a part of NIU Robotics since its founding and continue to be inspired by the talent, passion, and commitment shown by the students.

In addition, Burgess-Norton has sponsored the Geneva High School Robotics Club for the past several years.